About us

Biotech Service, The Netherlands

Biotechservice is your partner in maintenance, service and calibration of fermentation systems, bioreactors and various peripheral equipment. We work with certified measuring instruments. We are specialists in calibration and repair. Furthermore, you can also contact us for maintenance, calibration and repair of laboratory equipment. We are at your service 24/7 if necessary. We are ISO9001  certified and Nan3140/VCA qualified. Besides that, we are GMP educated. We are a company that is constantly in motion with a clear vision for the future.

We are also available for custom-made solutions and refitting fermentation systems (bioreactors).

As of 2018 we are a Hamilton service center. This gives us the possibility to not only look inside the fermentors, but to also look at all the sensors on the outside. Take for example PH/ DO2/ Redox and the newest cell density sensors, which we are able to repair, program, and if need be replace. We can also deliver all Hamilton sensors and their spare parts.

Calibration Options With Certificate




-Temperature (Simulation as Process)

-Mass flow Controller



-Liquid Flow measurement

-NEN3140 Test incl. Test Rapport

Maintenance for:

-Fermentation systems

-Cell culture Systems


-Laboratory equipment